Comment 13 for bug 124315

I have the same problem with a lot of applications, and things like file-open windows, etc. In many cases the window size is smaller than I set before. It is VERY ANNOYING for me, when an application's window doesn't keep the size and position I adjusted, and I have to adjust it again and again and again.... It is HORRIBLE!!! I get really angry even thinking about it!!
Please try to imagine this situation: I have a huge monitor (1920 x 1200), and when I want to open a file, a small window appears which shows sometimes 5 percent of my files in a folder. Than I have two options: scrolling a lot, or resizing the window. Resizing would be better, if it would be kept for the next time. When I use the computer it takes at least 25% of my time always resizing windows!
WHY are my settings not kept??? Why isn't there any option to keep my settings??? I would like to have this option for ALL the windows, dialogs, etc.