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This bug was fixed in the package ofono - 1.12.bzr6858+14.10.20140501-0ubuntu1

ofono (1.12.bzr6858+14.10.20140501-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=low

  [ Tony Espy ]
  * [ Tony Espy ] build, gril, rilmodem, plugins/ril, test: call-
    forwarding support. [ Alfonso Sanchez-Beato ] build, gril,
    plugins/rildev: dynamic plugin loading for ril-type modems.   The
    new rildev plugin reads an environment variable to determine
    which   device plugin   to load ( defaults to the standard ril
    plugin ). build, gril, plugins/ril, rilmodem, unit: radio-settings
    support.   Allow radio technology ( ie. use 2G-only ) preference to
    be configured. [ Tony Espy ] test: update remaining test scripts to
    Python 3. build, src, plugins, src/gprs: add MMS support.   Added
    new android-provision plugin and associated -apndb code   to
    provision GPRS and MMS contexts using apns-conf.xml as the primary
      provisioning database, while mobile-broadband-provider-info is
    still   queried in order to pickup additional Apns. Also added
    support for   combined Internet/MMS contexts by allowing MMS
    specific properties   to be set for OFONO_GPRS_CONTEXT_TYPE_INTERNET
    contexts. [ Alfonso Sanchez-Beato ] rilmodem/ussd: Fix USSD Initiate
    hang (LP: #1299227 ). gril, rilmodem, unit: add SIM write support.
      This allows ofono's core call-forwarding and message-waiting logic
      to update persistent state on the SIM, in order to preserve it
    across   reboots. build, gril, include, plugins, src,
    drivers/mtkmodem, drivers/rilmodem: add MTK support.   This change
    adds support for MTK-ril modems without breaking compatibility
      with AOSP-ril modems. examples, include, plugins, src: support for
    gid type MVNOs in Android APN database. gril, rilmodem: fix for call
    redirections (LP: #1239869).   This fix checks and ignores a
    Qualcomm specific error   code that indicates a call has been re-
    directed by an   operator while roaming. build, gril, rilmodem,
    unit: add call-barring support. gril, mtkmodem, rilmodem, unit: MTK
    followup changes.   This change adds unit tests for MTK specific
    messages.   It also consolidates parsing logic for parsing data
      call lists, which is a valid payload for multiple message   types.
    Finally, the deactivate data call logic on start-   up has been re-
    worked to query the active calls before   attempting to deactivate
    any. src/smsutil: use UTF-16 instead of UCS-2 (LP: #1269017).   If
    an incoming SMS is indicated to be UCS-2, use UTF-16   instead to
    decode so that emoji's ( which use larger   codepoints than can be
    encoded in UCS-2 ) are properly   decoded. [ Jussi Pakkanen ]
    phonesim: add a DBus control interface.   This control interface has
    been added in order to make   phonesime more flexible for auto-pilot
    testing of   Touch's network-indicator code. [ Alfonso Sanchez-Beato
    ] android-apndb.c/-provision.c: fix string comparisions.   Change
    all usage of g_str_equal() to g_strcmp0(). This   fixes a crash that
    may happen if the SIM doesn't contain   a SPN file. gril: switch
    process to radio user.   Temporarily switch ofono's effective uid
    and gid during startup to that of the radio user to allow connection
    to the rild socket. gril, rilmodem/sim, unit: retrieve SIM PIN
    retries (LP: #1206941).   Read PIN retires from ENTER-PIN reply if
    available. [ Tony Espy ] gril, rilmodem,unit: fix data_call reply
    error.   Fix a parse error with setup_data_call replies. Also   re-
    worked SETUP_DATA_CALL to use the current registered   data tech
    value. Optimized gprs-context to only register   for
    DATA_CALL_LIST_CHANGED events if the context is   being actively
    used. [ Alfonso Sanchez-Beato ] src/smsutil, unit: allow
    concatenated UTF-16 SMS.   This change properly handles split
    surrogate pairs   in concatenated SMSes, as this can now happen now
      that UTF-16 is used instead of UCS-2 for decoding   SMS messages
    that specify UCS-2 encoding. (LP: #1269017, #1299227, #1239869,
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