Comment 13 for bug 1713311

Norbert (nrbrtx) wrote :

Here is my simple script for grepping su-to-root|gksu|pkexec inside application.desktop files in packages.

How to use:
1. apt-cache rdepends menu | sort | uniq > menu_rdepends.txt
2. remove unnecessary rows from menu_rdepends.txt (such as "menu" and "Reverse Depends:")
3. execute my script with ./ menu_rdepends.txt
4. it will do apt-file list, apt-get download, dpkg-deb -R, grep su-to-root|gksu|pkexec and print
some info:

caja-dropbox: /usr/share/applications/caja-dropbox.desktop
caja-dropbox is not affected
choosewm does not have application.desktop
colord does not have application.desktop
debconf does not have application.desktop
debian-installer-launcher: /usr/share/applications/debian-installer-launcher.desktop
Exec=su-to-root -X -c /usr/sbin/debian-installer-launcher # <- su-to-root in color!

Application list above here was obtained by it, and for pkexec too (bug 1713313).