Comment 37 for bug 568275

MikeN (mike-mtb) wrote :


I'd love to try what you described " can do dpkg-source -x mediatomb_0.12.1-0ubuntu1custom2.dsc..." but frankly haven't got a clue how to do it! I would like to know (a) if it should work for Lucid and (b) if you could either point me to some more basic instructions on how to build a package or be kind enough to spell it out a bit for an old fart who has never built one before!

I've downloaded the two files you indicated but really haven't any idea how to use them or what to make of the contents (I just ended up more confused)!?!

If I can get mediatomb-js working on Lucid I'll have a happy family again, I'd even be happy to make the results available to others, updating it whenever xulrunner changes - hell, I might even lbe able to finally give something back to the community.