Comment 96 for bug 75681

den (den-elak) wrote :

So there is still no cure!?? The workaround with MD_DEGRADED_ARGS helps to assemble array only when all of raid devices found by udev. But there is still very BAD behavior, if we unplug one of raid disks the system hangs during a boot process.

PS. Just installed feisty server, and updated.
I use MD, and LVM2 on top of it.
The setup has two SATA drives acting in RAID1 mode.
mdadm 2.5.6-7ubuntu5
udev 108-0ubuntu4
initramfs-tool 0.85eubuntu10
lvm2 2.02.06-2ubuntu9

I fixed the problem for me by purpose of udevsettle and setting MD_DEGRADED_ARGS=" ", but that's an ugly method...

Can you tell is there any full-fledged idea to fix the problem?