Comment 90 for bug 75681

Mathias Lustig (delaylama) wrote :

Hi everyone,

yesterday evening (here in Germany), I also got into trouble using the latest lvm2 upgrade available for feisty. I upgraded the feisty install on my Desktop PC and during the upgrade, everything just ran fine. The pc is equipped with two 160 GB Samsung Sata-Drives on an Nforce4 Sata Controller.

After a reboot, Usplash just hangs forever at the state, where the lvm should mount all his volumes. It hangs and hangs and hangs and nothing happens. This procedure happens withe every kernel that's installed ( the 386, generic and lowlatency kernels from 2.6.20-11, 2.6.20-12 and 2.6.20-13). Booting in single user / recovery mode and interrupting the LVM with strg +c brings me to a root shell where mount -a enables me to mount all my logical volumes - obivously something the lvm init-script just won't do on its own.

Is there some workaround to get my lvm working again, until a new, fixed package is available?

ah, something I forgot: at my working place, there's a feisty Workstation, too, which also uses LVM on a single ata disk. Here, I experienced no problems after an upgrade. The upgrade here just worked fine. Now, I'm a little afraid that upgrading my notebook will also brake the lvm ...

Is there any file or any other thing that I should provide to help you finding and fixing the bug?