Comment 82 for bug 75681

Jeff250 <email address hidden> writes:

> Reinhard, I tried your Ubuntu deb (105-4), and it brought the bug back
> for me consistently. Then I reverted to debian unstable's version
> (0.105-4), and now I'm booting consistently correctly again.
> This is interesting. Clearly what is causing my bug must be in the
> Ubuntu packaging?

As you might have already noticed, udev is a pretty critical and central
piece of software in the boot procedure of a debian/ubuntu system. The
packaging and integration of udev is pretty different to debian. The
change which caused this is the implementation of the UdevMdadm Spec,
which was approved last UDS. I'm pretty sure that with reverting to the
packaging of the edgy udev package, the problem won't
appear. Unfortunately, this seems to be no option for feisty. :(