Comment 74 for bug 75681

Aurelien, sorry to ask you to do this tedious test again, but I've
been looking at this logfile and I think I should have told you to use
`>>' rather than `>' when writing the log. Also, I really need to
know more clearly what the fault was and what you did to fix it (if
anything). And while I'm at it I'd like to rule out a possible
failure mode.

So here's some more data collection instructions:

0. General: please write down everything you do. It's very difficult
   to do this debugging at a distance and accurate, detailed and
   reliable information about the sequence of events will make life
   much easier. If you have two computers available, use one for
   making notes. Otherwise make notes on paper.

1. Edit
   and insert
     echo "running local-top/mdadm $*"
   near the top, just after `set -eu'.

2. Install
   (Sources can be found alongside, at
   If you had that installed already then because of step 1 you must
     update-initramfs -u

3. Boot with break=premount

4. At the initramfs prompt:
  udevd --verbose --suppress-syslog >>/tmp/udev-output 2>&1 &
   and wait for everything to settle down.

At this point we need to know whether your root filesystem is there.
If it is (/dev/VG/LV exists) then the attempt to reproduce has failed.

If the attempt to reproduce the problem has succeeded:

5. Collect information about the problem symptoms
  (cat /proc/partitions; mdadm -Q /dev/md0; mdadm -D /dev/md0) >>/tmp/extra-info 2>&1

6. Write down what you do to fix it. Preserve
   /tmp/udev-output and /tmp/extra-info eg by copying them to
   your root filesystem. Eg:
        pkill udevd
        mount /dev/my-volume-group/my-volume-name /root
        cp /tmp/udev-output* /root/root/.

7. Please comment on this bug giving the following information:
     * What you did, exactly
     * What the outcomes were including attaching these files
     * A location where I can download the /initrd.img you were
     * A description of your raid and lvm setup, if you haven't given
       that already.

Once again, I'm sorry to put you to this trouble. I think it's
essential to fix this bug for the feisty release and I have been
poring over your logs and trying various strategies to reproduce what
I suspect might be relevant failure modes, but without significant
success so far.