Comment 19 for bug 75681

Reinhard Tartler writes ("Re: [Bug 75681] Re: initramfs script: race condition between sata and md"):
> Ian Jackson <email address hidden> writes:
> > 2. Run
> > /scripts/local-top/mdadm from-udev
> > (NB `from-udev' is an argument you must pass to the script)
> > and see if it fixes it. (If so it will show up in /proc/partitions
> > and be mountable.)
> Running that script makes /dev/md[1..3] come up in non-degraded mode,
> md0 stays in degraded mode. LVM is not started automatically. After
> typing 'lvm vgscan ; lvm vgchange -ay', my LVMs come up and I can
> continue booting with CTRL-D.

udev is supposed to do all of these things. It's supposed to
automatically activate the LVM when the md devices appear, too. I
don't know why it isn't, yet.

Could you please boot with break=premount, and do this:
 udevd --verbose >/tmp/udev-output 2>&1 &
At this point I think you will find that your mds and lvms
are not activated properly; check with
 cat /proc/partitions

If as I assume they aren't:
 pkill udevd
 udevd --verbose >/tmp/udev-output2 2>&1 &
        /scripts/local-top/mdadm from-udev

And now your mds should all be activated but hopefully the LVM bug
will recur. So:
 pkill udevd
 lvm vgscan
 lvm vgchange -a y
 mount /dev/my-volume-group/my-volume-name /root
        cp /tmp/udev-output* /root/root/.

And then when the system boots attach /root/udev-output* and your
initramfs to this bug report.

mdadm_2.5.6-7ubuntu4 ought to fix the fact that md0 comes up in
degraded mode but please don't upgrade to it yet as it may perturb the
other symptoms out of existence.