Comment 9 for bug 442735

Brian Buchanan (brianbuchanan) wrote :

Thank-you. Same problem here with a 9.04 upgrade to 9.10 and dm-raid taking the devices before mdadm. I couldn't figure out why I had no partitions in /proc/partitions (i.e. /dev/sda existed, but /dev/sda1 was missing) and using fdisk to rewrite the partition table created the nodes, but mdadm couldn't assemble the raid stating that the device or resource was busy.

apt-get remove dmraid

got me going. I had additional, likely unrelated problems on my LVM volumes on the boot. Either this lost the ext3 journal or it never had one, but the volume (defined as ext3 in fstab) refused to mount. tune2fs -j /dev/mapper/vg-lv added the journal and so far so good.