Comment 4 for bug 442735

Further information: I'm not using the raid function on the mainboard, in fact it is explicitly disabled in bootup because it was being a hassle even in windows.

I believe the main problem is:

a) loadtime ordering mdadm vs. dmraid. mdadm -REALLY- should be allowed to scan and load the drives before dmraid is even close to my kernel's space.

b) clobbering by dmraid on failed load. The fact that it wiped my partition table on a disk was unforgivable.

c) bootup scripts failing on things like this and falling into semi-endless loops/spins without functional recovery. I realise this kind of failure isn't easy to generate in virtual hardware, but failure modes need to be tested more and functional. Having a GDM load on top of the endless loop of fsck's was even more damaging because I wasn't let in on the fact that something was seriously wrong.