Comment 6 for bug 158918

I'm seeing the same thing on a fresh install of the 32-bit release of 9.10.

Hardware: Dell T3500 (Xeon E5520, 6GB DDR3, nVidia Quadro 470, 2x Seagate LP 1.5TB)

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install Ubuntu 9.10 to a single disk partition (doesn't appear to matter which).
2. Boot to the new install.
3. Install mdadm (sudo apt-get install mdadm). Choose "none" at the email config prompt during setup.
4. Once mdadm is installed, reboot the system.
5. During boot, the initial splash screen will come up and the display will quickly go black.

At this point, pressing any key will show a busybox prompt from the middle of initramfs. A failure above will indicate a

I can work around this by making a copy of initramfs before installing mdadm, but will be a showstopper the next time anything wants to touch the ramdisk image, so I'll have to go hack to see if pulling the RAID modules fixes anything.

The worst part is that in this case, I don't even care about initially supporting RAID. This system is going to boot from a simple single-disk partition and later mount a RAID1 array for data.

I can provide a diff of the ramdisk images later.