Comment 0 for bug 158918

Binary package hint: mdadm

On a freshly installed ubuntu-7.10-alternate, with latest apt-get update.

When the 'mdadm' package is installed, the system fails to boot successfully, and ends up at the initrd '(busybox)' prompt.

Hardware: DELL 1950 - 1RU Server

To get server booting again:
- Boot with ubuntu-7.10-alternate, and go through install steps up to 'partitioning'.
- ALT-F2 to start other shell
- 'fdisk -l' to see details of available drives.
- mkdir /mnt/disk
- mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb1 /mnt/disk
- cd /mnt/disk/boot
- mv initrd-<version>.img initrd-<version>.img-new
- cp initrd-<version>.img.bak initrd-<version>.img
- sync
- reboot