Comment 44 for bug 136252

Dear ubuntu developer,

I have finished assessing the mdadm bugs and found the four
(distribution related) bugs in ubuntu's mdadm setup which mostly render
it unusable.

All four reports contain proposed solutions, now.
Mostly they're just simple adjustments to the mdadm commands used in the
management scripts.
Two are already set to a higher priority.
Two are harder to identify as such without a higher priority setting.

Ok, the first two (with a bugload of other reports) can be solved by
using commands that implement UUID/udev-based raid assembly.

* Bug #158918 [->UUIDudev] installing mdadm (or outdated mdadm.conf)
breaks bootup

Bug #136252 [->UUIDudev] mdadm.conf w/o ARRAY lines but udev/mdadm not
assembling arrays. (boot & hotplug fails)

Then, a simple mkdir is needed in mdadm's initramfs hook.
* Bug #550131 initramfs missing /var/run/mdadm/ dir (loosing state,
race, misconfig)

Finaly, the initramfs must only deal with degrading the rootfs
* Bug #497186 initramfs' init-premount degrades *all* arrays (not just
those required to boot)

Hopfully I could help out with sorting through the issues.

You'd probably want to get all the fixes from upstream into ubuntu main
Bug #495370 Please upgrade to 3.1.x for lucid