Comment 39 for bug 120375


I think this issue could have many work arounds as it has been proved here.
In my opinion the idea behind sharing our experiences and efforts is to improve Ubuntu so that a future version will handle this automatically for the user. "Linux for human beings", remember?

Analyzing my Debian machines I have noticed that not only mdadm scripts exist in the local-top folder, but others like lvm for example, so I guess Debian installer handles this based on the user configuration made at install time, following this direction I think a better way to deal with this mayor issue will be to improve Ubuntu's installer so it can copy a template file to local-top folder based on the user input at installation time.

Finally I hope Ubuntu developers get to read this topic in order to address this issue for the upcoming 8.04 version of Ubuntu with is near =)

Kind Regards,

Diego Bendlin