Comment 27 for bug 120375

Ken (ksemple) wrote :


Plnt, I am currently re-syncing my RAID set and will then try again with my other drives disconnected. I tried removing my other disks at one stage, but can't recall whether I tried your suggestion in the BusyBox shell at the same time.

Davias, No I haven't tried 2.6.4. Wherever possible I try to use supported Ubuntu packages. This ensures that I have a simple support and upgrade path, and makes management of my machines considerably easier.

Peter; I agree, the problem isn't mdadm, it's the udev scripts (another reason I didn't pursue the mdadm version option). I am new to this, and only in the last week or so have been researching how udev works. How do you detect that mounting root has failed, and how do you hold off running mdadm until this point?