Comment 21 for bug 120375


Im not a linux guru, soi I don't really understand why this is happening on Ubuntu (I find the same error since 7.04), I guess this could be issued a a bug fix to the current release but that will depend on the ubuntu development team.

In my opinion Ubuntu is great for desktop usage, I use it as dayly desktop and development workstation, I really like Ubuntu as desktop, haven't found a competitor thats is just that easy to install and setup, I know other distros are also great but normally you need a lot of expertise and configuration time to make it work as Ubuntu does out of the box.

As for the Ubuntu server release I must agree that this is a serious bug, for now I wouldn't install an ubuntu server if it needs to work over software raid (mdadm), after spending 2 weeks trying to make Ubuntu server work I finally switched to debian etch for my server installation.

Kind Regards,

Diego Bendlin