Comment 16 for bug 120375

Davias (davias) wrote :

Dear brunus,
no: I have not. I was thinking about using Fumihito procedure with 2.5.6, but then I discovered that 2.6.3 existed in ubuntu repository (although Synaptic packet manager does not find any update over 2.6.2) and was thinking about installing that. Then I discovered 2.6.4 is the latest mdadm version as shown above. I downloaded the source... and stopped.

I do not have enough knowledge to compile & install something as critical as driver for RAID (my RAID with data on it...); is not that I'm scared of it, but is my production machine and cannot risk data failure or restore time.

Also I'm not convinced of the results. If this is to just result in a "so-so" procedure like selecting "foulty drive" from grub menu... I'll wait for a cleaner solution - like stable and safe mdadm driver release that will make my RAID1 start with only 1 disk WITHOUT me having to do anything, like it should be.

Thanks all for your precious thinking.

Dave out