Comment 130 for bug 120375

agent 8131 (agent-8131) wrote :

No one should be taking any of this personally or feel berated. People should feel free to be honest about their experiences without fear that doing so will drive away people that could be of help in resolving the issues. I've been keeping my mouth shut on this bug for a couple of months and I apologize for being long winded when I finally took the time to post my experiences.

Dustin Kirkland, you did not offer to fix this problem in the LTS release. You stated that you would consider it. And that's great, but without any commitment to fix the problem in 8.04 it would be nice to actually be able to offer up a simple solution to the people that come across this page when trying to resolve this bug.

I will not unsubscribe from this bug because I know that people will be bit by it again, come to me for help, and I wish to have a good solution for them when they do. I re-read the Code of Conduct and note that being collaborative seems to be at odds with disengaging when one finds the process unpleasant. I certainly respect the right of people to do so but I feel it's a loss to actually making progress on this bug. Granted, I've only been subscribed for 2 months; if I had been subscribed for a year I acknowledge I might feel differently.

Since people seem to feel that this hasn't been a friendly exchange I will be happy to buy a drink of choice to:
1) Anyone that comes up with a good solution to this bug for Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.04.1.
2) Anyone who works to get this bug fixed in 8.04.2.
3) Dustin Kirkland and anyone else who makes sure this bug never appears in 8.10.