Comment 123 for bug 120375

Ace Suares (acesuares) wrote :


I am glad you may be spending some time on this bug.

You mention rebuilding ISO's. But why can't it just be an upgrade to the existing installations?
I mean, on an existing system, all we need to do is upgrade ?

Also, I am not being sarcastic at all, when I say that I can not understand that there needs to be so much regression testing for the patch that removes the bug, since to introduce the bug was possible at all. The bug is not present in Debian, and was not present in Dapper.

Anyway, I am going to install the workaround on all my affected machines because I cannot wait that long. (But then I will get some trouble when an update finally comes around..).

And I am not going to advice using Ubuntu for servers that use software raid anymore. I am really disappointed in the way this is going. I am happy it will be fixed in Ibex tough. Just keep smiling...

I am also unsubscribing from this bug. I feel that I am becoming unconstructive.