Comment 110 for bug 120375

no!chance (ralf-fehlau) wrote :

Full ack to miguel. Why is somebody using a raid1 on his system. Does he want to have trouble, if a disk fails, or does he want a running system and to be informed about a hardware failue? Ubuntu raid is useless! The "conservative" mode is useless! If i had a 4 disk RAID1 system or a RAID5 with a spare disk and ONE fails. Is it useful to stop the boot process???

I have the same issue on my new system. First, I had one disk and decided to upgrade to software raid. With the second HD, I created a degraded raid1, copied the contents of the first disk to the second, and wanted to add the first disk to the raid. Ubuntu drops me into the shell. :-( And in spite of booting with a live CD and adding the first disk to the raid, the system refused to boot.

Because it is a new system without any data on it, I will do a new installation with debian or suse. For my home server, I will see.