Comment 11 for bug 120375

Davias (davias) wrote :

Dear Fumihito,
Thank you for your help in this very annoying bug with ubuntu (so long for the "new&improved" version)...

I'm running 7.10, tried the above procedure and realized (as you stated) that mdadm_2.6.2-1ubuntu2 DOES NOT work on 7.10 with grub trick.

3 questions:

1) How to degrade to mdadm_2.5.6-7ubuntu5_<arch>.deb as you suggest? In Synaptic packet manager the option "force" is not available...

2) I'm a little bit scared of running a previous version of mdadm on my RAID1 created with 2.6.2: is it safe?

3) Since this is just a workaround and not a solution (the system should automatically start without user selecting a grub option), shall I wait for a new mdadm?

Thanks in advance for yours and everybody's help