Comment 4 for bug 1772010

Hi Andres,

Thank you for the bug description updates. I like the headings you have now, assuming "Bug fixes that introduce" is supposed to be "Bug fixes that introduce behaviour changes". These are useful and is exactly the information I needed in the SRU information to be able to review this. Can I suggest that this be put into the MAAS SRU policy draft to speed the process up for next time?

Are all the features added to 2.3.4 already present in the version of MAAS in Bionic? I believe this is an SRU policy requirement for new features. For example, I'm not sure about bug 1778710. This new feature went in to both 2.3.4 and the 2.4 series, but it looks like this landed in 2.4 in July yet xenial-proposed is based on an upstream tarball first uploaded in June. Would someone using Xenial after this SRU lands and benefiting from this feature face a regression in upgrading to Bionic? If so, the feature needs to land in Bionic first, but I don't see maas in the Bionic SRU queue.

I don't see any reason to block this from entering xenial-proposed based on this so I'll keep reviewing, but if this is the case (and I've not misunderstood your release workflow) then I think it would block a release to xenial-updates until the corresponding update to 2.4.x hits bionic-updates.