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This is a new upstream release that addresses various issues present in 2.3.0.

MAAS 2.3.3 fixes various issues that were present on MAAS 2.3.0.

[Test Case]

MAAS Testing
MAAS testing has been done in various cases, partially documented This include:

1. Manual Fresh installation of MAAS
2. Manual upgrade from the previous Ubuntu Release.
3. Automated (CI) testing of MAAS install and operation as per the MAAS' CI.
4. Automated (CI) testing of MAAS install and operation against other Canonical's product (juju, Canonical OpenStack & Kubernetes) provided by the Canonical Solutions QA Team.
5. Manual split region/rack test are performed. This is to ensure that if we upgrade a MAAS Region to a newer version, the MAAS rack of the older version remains connected and operational.

All of this includes verifying normal operation, issues fixed, and ensuring that Canonical Cloud solutions can inter-operate.

Solutions QA
MAAS releases are also now vetted by the Solutions QA team. The test they run ensure there are no regression for their use cases. This release has been accepted / vetted by them.

[Regression Potential]
Minimal (For MAAS itself). MAAS is fully backwards compatible and handles upgrades from previous releases which result in the continuous operation of MAAS. Users will continue to use this new version of MAAS as they used it before.

Since this is a point release, this has been tested thoroughly to confirm that no regressions have been introduced.