Comment 2 for bug 959352

Gary Poster (gary) wrote :

We are discovering that this, or something very similar to it, is serious. For our own use, at least, I'd raise this to high (we don't have privileges to do so).

According to lsof, many, many processes (sshd, upstart, init, ntpd, etc., as well as processes we start directly such as xvfb-run and our own code are looking in the wrong place (/rootfs/...) for important and sometimes essential files, including /rootfs/dev/random, /rootfs/dev/null, /rootfs/lib/tls ... , /rootfs/lib/security... , /rootfs/lib/, /rootfs/lib/, /rootfs/usr/lib/, and so on.

We could maybe make symlinks for /rootfs/usr, /rootfs/lib, and /rootfs/dev but that feels like we're going too far, and that we really ought to address this.

I'm not sure where to look to fix this. Is there something else important we are missing from lxc-clone? Help would be very appreciated.

Thank you