Comment 77 for bug 1476662

Hi Serge,

sorry for getting back to this so late.

On Di 08 Dez 2015 17:08:58 CET, Serge Hallyn wrote:

> Quoting Mike Gabriel (<email address hidden>):

>> today I worked on backporting available fixes for CVE-2015-1335 to LXC
>> 0.7.x (as found in Debian squeeze-lts).
>> The patch is attached, I am still in the testing-for-regressions phase.
>> Can any of the LXC devs take a look at the patch and maybe see if it is
>> suitable for Ubuntu 12.04, as well?
> Hi,
> So the thing to look for is any unconverted "mount" calls. It
> looks like the lxc_setup_fs() calls to mount_fs() are not being
> protected. So the contianer admin could attack through a /proc
> symlink.

Hmmm... ok...

I just checked upstream Git and the location you refer to is not using
safe_mount either there [1]

Furthermore, it seems non-trivial to inform safe_mount about the root
path from within lxc_init.c.

Do you have any input on the following questions?:

   o Why mount_fs() in latest HEAD still using the mount() call
instead of safe_mount()?
   o How could one pipe the rootfs path into lxc_setup_fs() -> mount_fs()?

Thanks for any input.



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