Comment 0 for bug 343730

Brazen (jdinkel) wrote :

In a fresh install of Jaunty Alpha 6, the system has two identical 120GB ata hard drives. during the boot process I create 4 identical partitions and add them to Raid arrays:
md0 is /boot with 210MB Raid 1
md1 is swap with 1GB Raid 0
md2 is / with 4GB Raid 1
md3 is physical volume for LVM using the rest of the space in Raid 1

I created a volume group called 'vgdata' with md3

After a reboot, the volume group is missing. Running the following commands find the the volume group and appear to complete successfully:
sudo pvscan
sudo vgscan
sudo vgchange -ay vgdata
sudo vgmknodes

but there is still no /dev/vgkvm device created. I've tried wiping out md3 and recreating the raid device and volume group manual. After creation, I can use the volume group like normal, but it dissappears again after reboot.