Comment 7 for bug 1675770

On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 1:01 PM, Dimitri John Ledkov <<email address hidden>
> wrote:

> The diff is a bit noisy cosmetically due to changelog entries for ...4
> and ...3 uploads which have been deleted from the archive. I would drop
> those, and simply have 2.02.167-1ubuntu5 entry above the
> 2.02.167-1ubuntu2 entry.

That was why I directly pointed to it in my bug update.
I thought I'm obliged to do so - that is what I have seen in the past.
But if I can just skip the old pieces that certainly makes things easier.
I can without any other change do so with an ubuntu6 upload to the same ppa.

> The patch / cherrypick looks fine to be sponsored as is, otherwise.

Thanks for the check.
I'll update shortly when the cleaner one is in the ppa.