Comment 8 for bug 1556602

Guy Thouret (guy-thouret) wrote :

I've restored my system to a working state by building lvm2 from upstream source that includes the referenced patch and using the compiled lvm to do a config backup which added the missing metadata attributes then using native lvm (lvm2 2.02.133-1ubuntu7) to restore the config backup.

All is working now using lvm2 2.02.133-1ubuntu7 package.

guy@mediaserver:~/tools$ sudo lvs
  LV lv_cache has invalid cache's feature flag.
  LV lv_cache is missing cache policy name.
  Internal error: LV segments corrupted in lv_cache.

guy@mediaserver:~/tools$ sudo ./lvm vgcfgbackup -v
    Using volume group(s) on command line.
    Cache is missing cache policy, using mq.
    Cache is missing cache mode, using writethrough.
    Creating volume group backup "/etc/lvm/backup/vg1" (seqno 13).
  Volume group "vg1" successfully backed up.

guy@mediaserver:~/tools$ sudo vgcfgrestore vg1
  Restored volume group vg1

guy@mediaserver:~/tools$ sudo lvs
  LV VG Attr LSize Pool Origin Data% Meta% Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert
  media vg1 Cwi---C--- 500.00g [lv_cache] [media_corig]