Comment 13 for bug 1768961


I have now re-purposed one of my previous distro-partitions, and
did a minimal install of Lubuntu Next, as I did before.

Upon booting into the new install, Desktop is what you would expect:
/home/scott/Desktop. Fine.

Upon updating software (updating packages that changed since the April 21 .iso)
things are just the same.

Upon swapping out the default xdg user-dirs.dirs for mine (shown above),
and then logging out and logging in again, the problem manifests IMMEDIATELY.

Clicking on Desktop in PCManFM yields the error window with the text:
Error when getting information for file “/home/scott/"/data/scott/Desktop" ”: No such file or directory.

The buttons at the top (as described in comment #5 above) are:
  / home scott " data scott Desktop"

NOTE: When first installed, the desktop was blank.
Logging in from swapping user-dirs.dirs immediately showed my desktop files/dirs.

Therefore, PCManFM does SOMETHING differently when it looks for the desktop to handle the desktop, from when it looks for the desktop to assign the action for clicking on the Desktop button in PCManFM's left pane.
It is successful in the first instance, and unsuccessful in the second.

Either there are two separate snippets of code that look for the xdg user-dirs DESKTOP line (one correct, one incorrect), OR there is only one bit of code, but
PCManFM messes up AFTER it gets the correct string.

It looks to me as if there are actually two mistakes here:
1. it is using $HOME, when my line does not contain it.
2. it is mis-reading the line, and including the beginning and ending quote marks,
which should be cropped.

When I have time, I will try to find what .cpp file PCManFM uses to populate the left-pane buttons, and thus where the code is that looks for DESKTOP...
(but if you are familiar with the source, you will probably find it more quickly)