Comment 4 for bug 951526

Sorry, but if I only had tried it once I would not have filed a bug.

I am building the chroot on 12.04 i386 constantly from scratch for a
while now: erros are getting lesser but ...

ltsp-built-client complained about an existing ltsp_i386.conf which was

After deleting it and ltsp-update-image everything is fine now but
perhaps an existing ltsp_i386.conf should be deleted automatically?

Thanks for your help

Am 12.03.2012 16:24, schrieb Alkis Georgopoulos:
> The problem is that you don't have an /etc/nbd-server/conf.d/ltsp_i386.conf file and so nbd-server doesn't start itself.
> That file is generated by ltsp-update-image. So the next information you need to include is any errors that you see after running:
> sudo ltsp-update-image
> (you might also need: sudo service nbd-server start)
> That's supposed to be ran automatically at the end of ltsp-build-client. So if it runs fine for you now, it might mean that ltsp-build-client was interrupted and didn't complete successfully. That in turn might have happened for any number of reasons, even temporary ones like the Ubuntu archive being in an inconsistent state. We'd need the whole ltsp-build-client output to be certain, you probably didn't keep that so if that was the original problem we won't know it until you try ltsp-build-client again.