Comment 22 for bug 951526

The Fan Club (thefanclub) wrote :

Hi Alkis

The nbd-server does not start sometimes - it does not start at boot at all. If I try to boot a thin client after server reboot - the thin client drops to BusyBox. If I login as a user and restart the nbd-server manually, the thin clients can login without a problem.

I also did a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 on new hardware - and a clean install of LTSP-server-standalone. Everything worked as expected. But after some updates of the client image, the ndb-server stopped starting at boot time ?

The only error on the thin client during boot is "Error: Socket failed: Connection refused", but this is because the nbd-server is not running at this point. If I then start the nbd-server manually clients can login as normal

Question - how and where is nbd-server started during startup ? What could prevent nbd-server from starting ?

I have spent many days trying to resolve the issue. Any help will be appreciated.