Comment 16 for bug 951526

Anthony (coolio986) wrote :

The bottom line here is that I have built a ltsp-server using the proxydhcp info from here:

I realize that it is not meant for 12.04, but most of the information works.

I do not need to put ipappend 3 in like it suggests. However if I do, it doesn't matter.

I also do not need "DEFAULT vmlinuz ro initrd=initrd.img quiet splash" like it suggests since it is already in the default file

Upon starting a ltsp-client, pxe boot works perfectly. it loads vmlinuz and initrd

after some time on bootup it sends me into the busybox shell.

No errors no warnings. I have checked syslog and there is nothing to elude to a problem occuring.

The only one error that I do have is tftp : client does not accept options, but i have that on my 11.04 ltsp server and those clients boot perfectly.

I want to find out the reason that the clients are dropping to busybox, but at this point Im not sure how. I can post my logs, and config files. Im not currently at the computer so I will post later