Comment 2 for bug 123788

The font is definitely there. If you use xfontsel you can set it.

The problem is possibly in the gnome font-config, although some people have suggested it may be the applications' fault (I don't think this is true, but I haven't tested it).

The bug has been kicking around for about 2 years now AFAICT. If you do a google in the debian lists for lmodern and caps, you should find the threads pretty easily (not at my own computer or I would link).

I suggest keeping this bug open and opening a new bug in font-config.

As a work around, you can set the serif font to the demi weight (which is very similar). This works well in most apps, but unfortunately not Firefox (which doesn't give you an option to set the weight).

I personally think this is an important bug, not just for lmodern (which is really only half useable) but I'm relatively certain it's indicating a rather serious bug somewhere else.