Comment 21 for bug 1471903

Oliver Grawert (ogra) wrote :

wow, that is seriously wrong, there was code that completely wiped them on purpose, someone must have removed the livecd-rootfs patches the OEM team added in the beginning.
this clearly cuts down the numbers that we used to compute the partition sizes. back when we did that there were no such files, i see 66M on my phone used currently, this needs to go.
we can make /var/lib/apt/lists writable instead and have a wrapper for apport-cli that updates the packages lists on the first run.

out of 10 million users, how many do you expect to use apport-cli ? 1000 ? 5000?
should the rest really suffer by having size limitations just for these few while we can have better solutions like creating these files on the fly, having them pre-generated on a server where we can download them or simply fixing apport to not need them and use a manifest file ? the whole thing is moot as soon as we switch to snappy where we don't even have apt.

lets pretty please fix this properly in apport and not by wasting more space on disk that we havent initially accounted for.