Comment 16 for bug 1471903

Oliver Grawert (ogra) wrote :

it was a wily chroot (I didnt have a vivid one at hand) but that should only vary minimally.

note that we force deb-src for all entries (since up to now we could and it eases development a lot, i guess if you really want to ship the pre-generated lists, we'd have to reverse this decision (and check if there are any developer tools that make use of these entries))

while we dont enable -proposed, we do enable the overlay PPA (including source as above), which should bring roughly a similar amount of package entries in as -proposed does (a growing number somewhere between 100 and 200).

i think with the current sources.list setup that is shipped my numbers are not far off.

could we not consider some other solution inside apport ?
like making it use a simple manifest file instead of apt to determine if a package in the readonly image is valid. after all we dont officially support making the system writable and using apt so the manifest generated at build time will have accurate data for our use cases and is only a few kilobyte big.