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Bug #1411310: [PATCH] Enable tuning of EXT images produced by lb_binary_rootfs Undecided New 4 weeks

From: Dan Watkins
Link: ext-tuning-refreshed.patch


Bug #1136507: Hdd build fails in syslinux stage Undecided New 114 weeks

From: WillDyson
Link: casper-fix.diff

Fix ubuntu-casper-normalisation.patch

Bug #1006372: Live-build creates unbootable usb-hdd images. Undecided Confirmed 153 weeks

From: Wagner Volanin
Link: lb_binary_usb.patch


Bug #961166: lb_binary_disk doesn't check compression of the initramfs Medium Triaged 163 weeks

From: Ante Karamatić
Link: real-live-build.patch


Bug #882670: lb_chroot_dpkg doesn't check dpkg version before setting 'unsafe-io' option Undecided Confirmed 184 weeks

From: Neil Wilson
Link: ubuntu-check-dpkg-version.patch


Bug #637626: would like a reasonably safe way of including https user:password data in chroot_sources/*chroot Wishlist Triaged 242 weeks

From: Al Stone
Link: https.patch

rough patch that provides the desired functionality

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