Comment 35 for bug 985661

Firat Birlik (fbirlik) wrote :

I can confirm that following commit is responsible: "sched: Fix nohz load accounting"
SHA: 3a50863f6706ece7719a68be0ae57957164a0f0c

It is introduced between following tags:
* Ubuntu-3.2.0-21.34
* Ubuntu-3.2.0-22.35

All tags after Ubuntu-3.2.0-22.35 are affected and reverting this commit fixes the high load behaviour. I built following tags with this commit reverted and verified the high load behaviour goes away:
* Ubuntu-3.2.0-22.35
* Ubuntu-3.2.0-23.36
* Ubuntu-3.2.0-24.38 (currently latest tag)

I couldn't reproduce/observe shortened battery life, but if anybody is interested I can provide binary/source deb's with this commit reverted for quick testing. (ppa can't hold full kernel package build)