Comment 92 for bug 978807

Kamal Mostafa (kamalmostafa) wrote :

Thanks for your patience folks...

A new 'kamal4' kernel version is now available (or will be momentarily) in the DellXPS PPA . This contains my second cut at fixing the Cypress trackpad problem. This version now reliably recognizes the trackpad as "CyPS/2" on every cold boot and every resume, in my 64-bit or 32-bit installs on the Dell XPS 13.

Testers who have previously reported problems: Please advise whether the 'kamal4' version allows the trackpad to be recognized reliably. If it ever fails to work on a given boot or resume, please check and report: 1. whether xinput says "CyPS/2 Cypress Trackpad", and if not, what? 2. the output from the command "dmesg | grep -i trackpad"

I have noticed that the driver emits a flurry of "Trackpad... lost sync ... driver resynced" messages to the kernel dmesg log on suspend/resume -- these are apparently harmless -- please don't bother to report them.

Thanks all, for your assistance with the testing of this driver. I appreciate the kind words, and will pass them along to the folks at Cypress and Dell for supplying the driver and working with us to make it available.