Comment 121 for bug 978807

Kamal Mostafa (kamalmostafa) wrote :

FYI folks: My "kamalmostafa/dellxps" kernel PPA has been moved to a new location:

If you have previously subscribed to my old dellxps kernel PPA, then you do not need to take any action -- your PPA subscription will be updated to the new sputnik-kernel PPA automatically during your next regular software update. (This is also the case if you installed with the "Sputnik" ISO). The latest PPA kernel version for Ubuntu 12.04 is (still) "3.2.0-29...#46+kamal5~DellXPS", as shown by 'uname -a'.

New users should just apply the new sputnik-kernel PPA above.

For folks testing Ubuntu 12.10-alpha, the sputnik-kernel PPA now also includes a 3.5.0-based kernel with the same fixes applied (it also includes the Cypress trackpad driver).

Please contact me directly <email address hidden> if you experience any problems with the transition to the new sputnik-kernel PPA.