Comment 112 for bug 978807

John Marsden (jwmarsden) wrote :

Firstly, thanks for your efforts Kamal. Its brilliant having two finger scroll on a linux laptop.

I am one of the unfortunate typers that tends to bump the touchpad with my palms as I type. In my current Touchpad settings I have “Disable touchpad while typing” checked and “Enable mouse clicks with touchpad” unchecked. In this configuration the following occurs;

1. The main section of the touchpad behaves as expected
2. The left mouse button is active to tap (does not even require a click)
3. The right mouse button is active to tap (also does not require a click)

Does anyone have any recommendations for turning the left and right sections on the bottom of the pad off? I would be very happy if they just did not exist and I could use it to move around and it required a click to do anything.

As it is I cant really use this laptop to work on.. my stupid palms are making way to many mistakes.