Comment 46 for bug 855199

Ok, thanks for reporting. I've changed the status for Oneiric back to Fix Committed. Hopefully we'll have a stable update, soon, that includes 3.0.13, and then we can mark it Released. (Presuming the second patch fixes things for Aaron, that is.)

While I've seen other users who need the second patch, I hadn't seen anyone else here on Launchpad. So when it was marked 'Fix Committed', I was like, "well that's one of the two, but the second should be along any time now. I don't see anyone here yet who needs the second patch, so things are probably moving along OK."

Then LP marked it Fix Released, and two more of us reported the first patch wasn't enough. So now I'm trying to highlight that. If Ubuntu has a different way of handling a situation like this, someone do so, or let me know.

Also, now I can change upstream Linux from Committed to Released.