Comment 51 for bug 855124

Created attachment 52062
Another way to do the check if bus is alive

Besides the previous patch, if you could test this one as well, it would be great!

It does a similar thing to the previous patch, but only affects i915 driver, while the previous one also modifies the edid detection for other drm drivers (nouveau, radeon, ...).

This patch adds a check for i2c connectivity prior to getting the edid data. It could be slightly faster than the previous one in case the connection is not there (e.g., it could greatly reduce the delay with xrandr with phantom outputs), and potentially a bit slower when the bus is present (e.g., it could increment by some ms the xrandr time for valid outputs).

As with the previous patch, this one should be tested on its own.

Sorry for all those patches, I am trying to figure out a way to fix it properly, once and for all :).