Comment 6 for bug 825777

I Can confirm this issue still exists in Ubuntu 11.10 Final. Screen goes blank... literally shuts off. It happened to me today Oct 13 2011.
This was not a issue in 11.04.
Model: HP DV7 with, AMD A6-3400M APU, With AMD Radeon HD 6520G Graphics.
Went to verbose mode and saw right when it loaded the radeon open source driver screen goes blank... literally shuts off.

I am hoping this is just my model of CPU/APU(Integrated GPU) Radeon HD 6520G. that way it will not affect the out of the box experience for other Radeon HD 6XXX owners (On a lot of new laptops, practically all!)
If it is just the Radeon HD 6520G I hope it's not left in the dark for too long.

So to sum up the open source Radeon HD 6520G graphics driver seems to be the issue here the issue here.

Can this bug be changed/reworded to reflect it still exists in 11.10 final?
The Bug could be labeled "Display Shuts Completely Off on AMD Radeon HD 6520G Graphics Card (AMD A6-3400M APU) "