Comment 18 for bug 783889

are you certain the problem is in Unity? I think of it as more like a
bug in linux maybe.

On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 1:50 PM, GTriderXC <email address hidden> wrote:
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> Title:
>  System crashes, kernel panic, look at the photos
> Status in Unity:
>  New
> Status in “unity” package in Ubuntu:
>  New
> Bug description:
>  My system sometimes crashes just like that and without any special
>  reason. I cannot provide any special reason for it. All I can do is to
>  take a photo of the screen from which the only thing I can do is to
>  press the power button. If the photos are not good enough let me know
>  and I'll try to find some better camera the next time it happens. I
>  have no idea whether is it connected to Unity but earlier i had no
>  such problems. I also have some problem during system startup as You
>  can see on the picture 145. It says that SWAP drive
>  (dev/mapper/cryptswap1) is not ready or absent. It lets the system
>  start but also have no idea why that happens every time the computer
>  starts.