Comment 11 for bug 759725

Joel Whitehouse (me-t) wrote :

I need to mount a binary file that contains a filesystem so I can copy files onto it.

I could already do this using /dev/loop but I need to automate this without requiring root privileges for a build system.

To solve this problem, the guestmount folks pulled together TONS of code. They are creating a custom minimized kernel, emulating it with QEMU, booting it with the binary file attached, attaching FUSE to the mount point and connecting to it at the application layer. All to avoid needing /dev/loop and root access.

Guestmount used to work out of the box. And you just broke it "by-design" with a change that provides zero security or protection from anyone with a brain or an internet connection. I agree with Rich W. M. Jones. You are making ubuntu less useful.