Comment 22 for bug 754711

Seth Forshee (sforshee) wrote :


Thanks for testing. If that PCI id is accurate then it seems we're still looking for some kind of problem with the nouveau driver. When you see the hang, is your caps lock led blinking?

I think my wording for one of my suggested test cases was confusing. I think it would be useful if you could boot into recovery mode by holding left-shift when booting to get the grub menu and selecting the "recovery mode" boot option. Also modify the kernel command-line when you boot into recovery mode to include "vmalloc=256M no_console_suspend". This should boot you to a text-mode terminal where you can run pm-suspend without the graphical UI in the way. Chances are that you'll either get working suspend-resume or won't see any useful output, but it's worth a try.