Comment 9 for bug 732046

Stefan Bader (smb) wrote :

Well, the memory option was XEN_MAX_DOMAIN_MEMORY, so that only affects how much space is reserved for Xen memory mappings. It is not that much that a server might miss the memory. And IIRC with Natty it is not configurable at all and virtual and server will be the same.

I would say this really is a decision about how much we really need for the virtual (or ec2) packages. Most of the difference in size should be that we don't need to include most of the hardware specific drivers. Probably this needs checking how much we would blow up virtual by which fs and is that likely be used in a vm environment.

Having a additional package created (only for the virtual build) would require reworking the build scripting (not even sure it is doable) which I would rather avoid. It also would require meta package work as well.

So when talking about nls and fuse, we talk about another megabyte on 64bit, slightly less on 32bit. That is when we include all of the nls modules. Would they be useful enough to carry?