Comment 24 for bug 721896

Anthony Vito (anthony-vito) wrote :

On a 10.04 LTS machine running 2.6.32-32-generic SMP, 32 bit. I have a 80 gig intel SSD as the system drive and a 1 terabyte samsung as storage drive. It runs Windows XP VirtualBox instance all the time off the SSD. It runs ZoneMinder for 4 cameras and writes to the 1 terabyte drive. So it's always doing a lot of disk IO. With the 2.6.32-32 kernel I would experience high CPU for kswapd0, typically not 100% though, and load averages would get up to 7 and 8 when the Windows virtual machine was being actively used. The Windows virtual machine would often become unresponsive for several seconds at a time.

I updated this system to the 2.6.38-10 backport from PPA.

This completely resolved the issue with no other changes to the system. The load average rarely goes above 1.0, the system is very responsive no matter how much IO is going on, and I haven't seen kswapd0 in top since the upgrade.