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Rachel Greenham (rachel-strangenoises) wrote : Re: [Bug 720095] Re: vsftpd causes a vmalloc space leak in Lucid

On 01/06/11 17:08, Stefan Metzmacher wrote:
> Fixing vsftpd looks like a much better fix for this

It would seem at first sight to be simpler; but presumably the problem
was that there are bugs in the implementation in the Lucid kernel (and
upstream) that won't necessarily *only* impact vsftpd users, although we
were the ones who first reported it. Certainly from my practical point
of view I'd have been happy with a simple vsftpd update to remove the
problem. :-)

The bug being in the kernel, and backporting the fix to it being deemed
too complicated (see nearer the top of this bug report thread) the
decision was therefore to disable the feature.

To those that depend on the feature, ie: lxc users (aside: i hadn't
heard of that! after googling i may want to use it now!), given the
feature is buggy in the lucid - and upstream - kernel *anyway*, maybe
the appropriate action is to use the maverick backport kernel?